River Edge Swim Club 2018 Membership Categories

Family of 3+ | Family of 2 | Family of 1

Our membership plans listed below include full access, guest passes, are entitled to ownership of the club, and they can hold office or vote on any matters affecting the membership voting rights.

There is a bond payment with all memberships below. If you are currently a bond holder there is no initiation/application fee. Switching from one bond-holding membership to another does not require a new bond payment.

Membership is limited by category, and applicants are placed on a waiting list, pending resignation of an active member.

Family of 3 + is defined as a family permanently living together, which may include spouse or partner, and all unmarried children under the age of 25 as of May 30th.
Dues for the 2018 season; $ _______________

If a Family unit bondholder is divorced, his or her children under the age of 25 shall be considered a part of the Bondholder’s Family unit whether or not they reside in the Bondholder’s household.

Family of 2 is defined as two adults (married or partner) or one parent and one unmarried offspring living in the same household.  The unmarried children must be under the age of 25 as of May 30th,.
Dues for the 2018 season; $____________

Family of 1 is defined as one married, unmarried, divorced or widowed adult ages 21 years or older.
Dues for the 2018 season; $_______________


Payments made with a credit card will incur a 4% processing fee.

Current members can register for any plan click below, if you do not register and just send in the 2018 payment your account will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee on top of your dues payment.

Loyalty Pricing must be paid in full by February 28th. Accounts not paid in full will be charged the 2018 dues after the deadline.

2018 Membership Plans

Will be post in December8th  2017

(Bond & Initiation Fee is a one (1) time fee, when you resign you will receive the bond portion of you payment back minus any fees you might owe the club.)

There will be NO refunds on Membership Plans after Memorial Day Week

Are you a Full time member and would like to sponsor a family member or friend from out of town? Download our application; Sponsor Application  Please note the out of town family or friend must purchase a bond and our Full time membership plan

Please note; All members must present their membership card at the gate. Only the family members on your application will have access to the pool. The transferring of membership cards to others is cause for suspension.


Guest passes can only be purchased at the pool by the accompanying member with a major credit card; Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We do not accept cash. Guest Fee are $10.55 per person.

Prepaid Guest Passes will ONLY be offered Memorial Day weekend . There will be a limit of 1 prepaid guest pass per family. The cost TBA for 10 passes. They are only valid for the current season, no credit will be given at the end of the season. River Edge Swim Club is not responsible for lost of stolen prepaid guest passes. We do not offer day passes.

Please note; credit card refunds will be made less the service charge and refund charge

If you wish to resign from the club please complete our resignation form and mail it along with your original bond to the address on the form. Your request will be processed within 3-4 weeks upon the receipt of the completed paper work and bond.  Any questions email us at

Resignation form