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2019 Swim Team Parent meeting & Swim Suit Sales


The 2019 Swim Team fee of $TBA per swimmer must be paid via Community Pass. We will collect in your volunteer fee of $75.00 per family at the Swim Team meeting or the first practice. Volunteer checks will be returned at the end of the season. No one will be permitted to participate until Swim Team fee and Volunteer  check have been made. Swimmers can not participate if they have not paid.

2019 Preseason Practice Schedule;


Full Time Practice begins


2019 Central Bergen Swim League Schedule


Warm Up time for all meets are 5:00 with a 5:30 start

To Volunteer for the Swim Meets sign up at Sign Up Genius. Volunteer will receive an email when Sign Up Genius is activated.



You want to improve check out this link;  Stroke Improvement

Frequent Questions;

What time does swim team meet for practice?  Swim Team meet Monday through Friday from 8:30 – 9:30am when we are open full time. During pre-season we meet during posted time from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. The schedule is ALWAYS subject to change

How long is the swim team season? The season goes from preseason until the last week in July except for the swimmer who qualify for the NJPMA championships then they go until the 1st full week of August.

How is it determined if my child goes to the NJPMA championships? Base of time of last year championships for their stroke and age group.

Is this a swim lesson? Swim Team is NOT swim Lessons your child must know the basic fundamentals of the strokes, the coaches will help improve the strokes to build endurance and strength.

Does my child need to know how to swim? Yes, the 5/6 year old’s must be able to swim across the far section of the pool without assistance, this is swim team is not swim lessons.

What do I have to volunteer for? We need parent help to run our home swim meets and away meets. You will be required to volunteer for 3 meets. Signing up for swim meets is through Sign Up Genius. You will receive an email when the to sign up.

Does the club provide transportation to away meets? No, we do not, nor can our coaches drive swimmers. It is the parents responsibility to get their swimmers to the meet.


Forms and Applications:

SWIM TEAM SIGN UP – Sign up through your Community Pass account, you will need to bring your volunteer check to the parent meeting or first practice.

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