Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons
At River Edge Swim Club, we believe that swimming goes beyond the pool. We’re much more than swim lessons, think of us as a classroom in the water. Private swim lessons for you or your children are a great opportunity for beginners to learn one-on-one or for swimmers who are in between levels to receive a little more personal attention.

Private lessons are an agreement between the member and the instructor. The instructor will arrange lessons either during their breaks and their off time. Private swim lesson will not be offered after August 9th.

• 30 Minutes one student = $25 per lesson

Sign up for Private Lessons
To sign up for youth private swim lessons, Children must be potty trained. Please complete the “Swim Lesson Request Form” below and submit. Our staff will contact you to set up private lessons based on their schedule. (We do not accept phone or drop-in registration for private swim lessons, all sign ups must go through this online process)

Private Swim Lesson Request

If you wish to take private swim lessons this form must be completed and submitted. You will be contacted by the guard. Private lessons are an agreement between you and the guard teaching you or your child lessons. The fee is $25. per half hour for one (1) child and $40. per half hour for two (2) children.
  • Example; Bond # FT000 or your Community Pass #, 000000