Work done at the pool this fall

The pool has been sandblasted, something that gets done every 10 – 13 years and we were due! Trees have been trimmed and we are working on improve our lighting for our evening events.  So while people might think we end on Labor Day, clearly not the case.  Making sure that our pool is well cared for.  Why do we do this?  Well, if you noticed some of the paint chipping  on the side of the pool, that was a sign.  This will bring the pool down  to its base concrete.  Then it will be primed in the fall.  In the spring, cleaned and painted.  We do this to make sure that the concrete base is kept in great shape and that the paint (which looks good and protects) is kept in good shape.  As will any type of maintenance, spending now helps us prevent larger issues later on.


Membership Card Reminder

The membership card you have are yours to use for as long as you are a member. DO NOT throw out your membership cards. Please put them in a safe place, you will use them next season. They will be deactivated and then reactivated once you pay your bill.

There is a replacement card fee or $10.40 per lost card. All members must have membership cards when entering the pool facility or they will be charged the lost card fee.