2017 Season is here…

    The River Edge Swim Club will offer three different full time membership plans for the first time in our 56-year history:  Family of 1, 2, and 3+.  This is in response to our changing demographics and our continued commitment to look at the needs of our membership.  While the differences in prices between the plans is not large, it is the Board’s attempt to give the members some flexibility and get a clearer understanding of preferences while maintaining a balanced budget.

Registration for Current Full Time Members will open January 1st 2017. Below are the New Memberships plans that will be offered;

Family of 3 + is defined as a family permanently living together, which may include spouse or partner, and all unmarried children under the age of 25 as of May 30th,
Dues for the 2017 season are $625.22. *

If a Family unit bondholder is divorced, his or her children under the age of 25 shall be considered a part of the Bondholder’s Family unit whether or not they reside in the Bondholder’s household.

Family of 2 is defined as two adults (married or partner) or one parent and one unmarried offspring living in the same household.  The unmarried children must be under the age of 25 as of May 30th, Dues for the 2017 season are $609.19. *

Family of 1 is defined as one married, unmarried, divorced or widowed adult ages 21 years or older.  Dues for the 2017 season are $587.81. *

PLEASE NOTE:  * All payments made after April 30th will incur a $25 late fee.

You can pay by check or Credit Card. Payments made with a credit card will incur a 4% processing fee.

Our new mailing address is 600 Riverside Way, we no longer have a PO Box.

Go to the following link to register for the 2017 season;


To sign up for SWIM LESSONS you will need to go through Community Pass this season beginning January 1st.

We no longer will go through our website

Membership Card Reminder

The membership card you have are yours to use for as long as you are a member. DO NOT throw out your membership cards. Please put them in a safe place, you will use them next season. They will be deactivated and then reactivated once you pay your bill.

There is a replacement card fee or $10.40 per lost card. All members must have membership cards when entering the pool facility or they will be charged the lost card fee.